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Signs For You has twenty years of custom fabrication experience. Whether your project is for custom interior architectural signs or for a one-off LED lighted exterior sign, we inject the finished product with passion, creativity and expertise.
We take pride in our custom fabricated interior and exterior signage projects and welcome the opportunity to discuss your project needs with you.


Signs For You has been manufacturing custom interior signage for two decades. During that time we have developed a reputation for tackling tough jobs and for delivering innovative custom solutions in both Architectural and Accessibility signage categories.

Our custom interior signs can be found all over Gauteng, and include signs in such places as:



  • Hotels
  • Corporate facilities
  • Corporate facilities
  • Airports
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Government facilities
  • Residential developments
  • Hospitals


Signs For You fabricates a wide variety of custom exterior signage.
Our custom signs range from LED illuminated commercial architectural signs to monolithic gateway and branded corporate facility signs.
We have completed dozens of custom exterior projects in commercial, corporate, residential and Aviation environments as well as custom interpretive projects. These types of projects demand creativity, fine craftsmanship and special materials (ranging from materials such as natural woods, to stainless steel, glass, aluminium and perspex).


In any successful wayfinding project, signage must work in harmony with landscape architecture, site features, and foliage, lighting, brand and design elements. Understanding the needs and behaviours of user groups prior to designing signage is essential for success.
At Signs For You, we have significant experience in designing and manufacturing the signage components found in contemporary interior and exterior wayfinding programs, including:



  • Gateway
  • Directional
  • Vehicular Directional
  • Destination & Facility ID
  • Pedestrian Directional
  • Accessibility
  • Traffic Management & Safety  
  • Safety and Evacuation
  • Interpretive
  • Interpretive
  • Building identification
  • Thematic

As a distributor of ADGEAR Wayfinding systems, we take great pride in our ability to work with wayfinding consultants, designers, architects, and our agents to deliver effective signage for winning projects


Custom vehicle graphics and wraps that illustrate brand visual elements, along with contact information is how many companies get business. Think about the brands instantly recognisable because they saw the opportunity to deliver a message to all of the idle minds driving along the freeway.

Many large companies understand this and have used this method to brand their logo or website URL into the minds of customers or potential customers for years.

Custom vehicle graphics and wraps have been increasing in numbers every year. Just take a look around next time you are driving. Decals are showing up on more and more vehicles. Additionally, this has led to the realization of a lot of other commercial space that is possible for a vinyl adhesive to be applied.

If getting a business message in front of lots of people is what you desire then vehicle graphics wraps should be considered. Custom vehicle graphics and wraps can attract new customers by getting your message seen by the thousands of motorists sitting in traffic.

Signs For You has been branding “Championship winning” racing cars in many different motorsport disciplines, together with the Team support vehicles for the past two decades!

Signs with clarity and presence

Fabric lettering and free-standing monoliths are today considered the exterior sign-making standard and are specified by designers and end users alike, especially for estate facilities which demand clarity and presence.

So, we’ve built on these proven systems and embraced advances in LED technology to bring sustainable, highly-effective illumination to our fabricated lettering and backlit panel solutions.
Our full range of exterior signage solutions includes directional signs, directory signs, landmark signs and entrance signs and, whether illuminated signage or otherwise, all are designed to be low maintenance, durable and complement their environment perfectly.
From the simplest to the most complex estates and environments, Signs For You, exterior signage solutions welcome and direct visitors clearly, projecting just the right corporate image to suit the sector they serve.

Our external signs are custom made to precise specifications that meet planning and building regulations, health and safety requirements and comply with accessibility and DDA directives and we follow best practice guidelines throughout our sign design and manufacturing process.

The materials we use include an inspired collection of woods and metals and contemporary vinyl’s and composites and, wherever possible, we work with products which are environmentally-friendly and originate from recycled or sustainable sources.

Display signage

A well-informed, inspirational and energy-efficient environment adds value to a business and improves the health and productivity of its workforce. This fact underpins our creative approach. It calls for visual impact and up-to-date, relevant information; it demands innovation.
Today’s progressive technologies and sign systems now offer real sustainability and, with powerful digital media, these solutions are versatile, scalable and easy to update.

Where flexibility is key, our stunning range of frameless glass displays offers infinite possibilities. And, for a universal appeal, the use of energy-efficient LED to illuminate signs can create a dramatic visual contrast to the mood and atmosphere within a building.


While there are many steps to develop a product and a brand, few are more visible than the packaging you develop. It is imperative to develop a label that can communicate the features, advantages and benefits of your product…

Signs For You has in-house printing and doming facilities, to produce safety, info and promotional items, to enhance any Brand strategy.


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